Glitching and Exploiting:

We do not allow any form of glitching or exploiting on our servers. Duping is the same as glitching and exploiting. Players caught glitching or exploiting will be removed from our servers. Glitching or exploiting into bases or any normally inaccessible areas in any way, shape, or form is against the rules.

Side chat and personal behavior:

Combatlog it's lame and you should just accept your death. Survival Instincts is a PVP server which means loot will be everywhere. Attempting to trick other players to use ALT+F4 or Shift+P for special rewards is punishable by a temporary ban. Repeated offenders will be removed from the game. Please do not spam Side Chat asking for an admin if you are suspecting a hacker is on the server. We advice you to go to our teamspeak immediately or use the Group Chat in game to ask for assistance. Be overly abusive towards another player. S**t talk happens; it is part of the game. Know when to call it quits.

 Safe zones:

Safe zones have been set up in order for players to conduct their trading under a safe non-combat environment, and we require players to conduct themselves in a mature and timely fashion: e.g. conduct your business and move on, basically. Players may wait for a "pick up" in these areas and are to conduct themselves accordingly whilst doing so.

You may not kill anyone inside a safe zone (God mode should prevent this).

Vehicles are not to be parked in safe zones or they risk being moved/deleted.

We are not responsible for vehicles left at the traders.

We will not reimburse for vehicles/gear lost due to vehicles being left at the traders.

Exploiting the safe zone/god mode is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Repeatedly going into and out of the safezone to enter/exit combat or using triggered explosives while in safezone protection.

No ramming in safe zone.


Killing people around safe zones and camping is discouraged but allowed ( This does not include the above rule baring using the safezone to enter/exit combat)

Prisoners will be roaming around killing and stealing Your Valuables.

Server Provides you with a God Mode Area so no one can kill you. So be careful when getting in/out of safe zones.

Plot Poles + Building:

All bases are currently destructible. Be wary of raids as you choose your base location.

Doors can be cracked currently, while the difficulty of this is sizable, you are encouraged to build your base in such a way to account for this.

Bases that are floating without having any contact with the ground will be deleted. Bases must be supported by the ground or a building.

Using Kamikaze maneuvers to kamikaze a Safe Zone Trader and players/vehicles in said zone IS AGAINST RULES.

You may not build anywhere within 500m of trader or trader cities. This includes safes and any other types of lockables.